Diesel fw12 w0001

Darker denim washes, a rich but not bright color palette and sophisticated outerwear and knitwear silhouettes are giving DIESEL a fresh mature edge for FW12. The design team seems dedicated to creating looks that will grow with its existing core audience, but without alienating new young consumers. "An urbane collection for the urban woman", this chic yet relaxed line highlights fabric textures and contrast. Soft abrasions and tangible dye treatments match with chunky sweaters, transparent tissue-weight tees and intricate lace works. 

Diesel fw12 w0002 Diesel fw12 w0006 Diesel fw12 w0007 Diesel fw12 w0013 Diesel fw12 w0004 Diesel fw12 w0009 Diesel fw12 w0008 Diesel fw12 w0015 Diesel fw12 w0005Diesel fw12 w0012