Duckie Brown SS13 1

For Sping/Summer 2013, DUCKIE BROWN was heavy on the denim but a little light on its ready-to-wear appeal. Some of the pieces, although making a splash on the runway, were not suitable to the street. Having said that, I like the overall mood, looks and styling and see the runway show as a launchpad for street trends. Duckie is in a prime spot for development; the brand has laid the groundwork, attaining a strong following and welcomed presence at New York Fashion Week. Now is the time for a more wearable, accessible collection or diffusion line!

Of all the looks, here are my favorites. I took out some of the more avant-garde ensembles, instead highlighting what I see as viable menswear trends. I love the red buffalo, tartan and oversized plaids, especially for the shirts, but also for the baseball jacket, overalls and sweats. I'm also a big fan of the mix between pale blue denims and inky indigo. The tighter, tailored jackets look good with baggy pants.

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