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Merging cavalry details and arctic expedition ideas with G-STAR's gritty denim identity and advanced fabric developments, the label offers a menswear collection of future-forward looks. Although known for its fabulous raw denims, G-STAR understands that not everybody wants their denim to fade. For Fall 2012, the label is rolling out its DeepTones™ molecular treatment for keeping dark denims dark; G-Star features the wash on its iconic Elwood, 3301, Arc and Radar cuts. Actually, G-Star has placed the Radar at the center of its collection this season. With lowered front pockets, six different washes and a range of fits from slim and tapered to loose, the style highlights effortless attitude for fall. Vintage black denim and dirty washes are key this season.

Italian selvedge denims have tactile hands due to the natural imperfections created during weaving on slow-rate shuttle looms. That, along with hand-finished details, gives G-Star RAW Essentials line a denim purist feel. Also check out the sateen denim army fishtail parkas, inspired by European workwear fabrics and Scottish guard military jackets of the late 19th century. For its tops and gilets, the label furthers its knitted denim, which is the unexpected combination of twill and sweatpant material.

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