Carly Cristman Sweater

Leading up to "Cotton's 24 Hour Runway Show", COTTON INCORPORATED and PEOPLE STYLEWATCH just kicked off their "Road to the Runway", which aims to highlight America's diverse street style. To capture and share the best looks, Cotton has partnered with six Fashion Influencers from across the country to scout their respective regions for the best cotton (and often denim) styles. Cotton recently asked five of them what their favorite cotton pieces are. Read up on each's fashion beliefs:

Keiko Lynn Cotton Dress

KEIKO LYNN by Keiko Lynn (Northeast) 

I love cotton day dresses! Even though they are really meant for the summer, I wear them throughout the year. When it gets cold, I like starting with a cotton dress as a base layer so you can add as many layers on top while still remaining streamlined and not getting too bulky.

Mattieology Camo Jacket

MATTIEOLOGIE by Mattie James (Southeast)

My favorite cotton piece right now, hands down, is my camo jacket. When the whole camo trend started, I was a little apprehensive about it. Then I realized it can be easily incorporated into different styles and cities. I got my camo jacket from the vintage shop and I love that it's an actual traditional US Army jacket. I only later discovered that it is 100% cotton, so that was really surprising. It's a great neutral staple. I love it with a pair of jeans, trousers, a big colorful scarf or with the sleeves rolled up.

SugarLaws White Sweater

SUGARLAWS by Katy Atlas (South)

The thing I wear the most out of my closet is a white cable-knit pullover. It's lightweight and the perfect thing to put on over shorts for running errands during the day or wearing out [at night]. It's great because it is machine-washable so I end up wearing it all the time.

Carly Cristman Pants

CARLY CRISTMAN by Carly Cristman (Midwest)

My all-time favorite is a grey sweatshirt covered in sequins. It's great because the sequins steal the show so you don't need to heavily style it. My other favorite is a pair of ivory pants with a black stripe, tuxedo-style, running down the side. It's a different take on a classic pair of jeans because it adds a modern twist.

Urban Weeds Waxed Bag 1

URBAN WEEDS by Lisa Warninger (Northwest)

Here in the Northwest, I have been seeing a lot of waxed canvas. It's definitely something that I am really drawn to because of the unique finish. I bring my Wood & Faulk waxed canvas bag everywhere with me, especially when it is raining. It's great for keeping my camera dry and I always get compliments on it. People always think that cotton isn't a weather-friendly fabric, but waxed canvas is awesome for the Northwest because we get so much rain. I see a lot of waxed canvas raincoats, accessories and bags.