Leopoldo Durante, the newly installed Creative Director of Meltin' Pot Jeans, gave us one of our most candid and fun Five Questions for Five Pockets yet. Read what he has to say about denim and then click below to preview some images from the Meltin' Pot Spring/Summer 2013 campaign.

1. What was your first pair of jeans

My first pair of jeans were a pair of levi's 501 raw 14 ounce. I
remember as kids that the word going around was [that] to get the perfect fit,
you needed to sink into a bath with your jeans on and then let them dry
on you to get the jeans to fit perfectly to your body! Well I did it and
I can't forget the image I have of myself in a bath of blue water!


2. Who do you think is the ultimate denim icon

I have the privilege to have worked with my friend Lapo Elkann and
partner [with him] on the realization of Ferrari California with its interiors made
of denim especially produced in Japan. [Created] under our guidance and to our
specs and featuring a special blue bodywork finish… I have to say it
was an exhilarating experience and I could not imagine anything that is more iconic than an indigo Ferrari.


3. What do you think is the next hot denim trend

I believe that new technology is getting a lot closer to a more conscious and environmentally friendly production process. Ideally, I aspire to a return of denim that does not stretch, but is more consistent in weight and especially not treated in such a way that everyone can do through the process of  typical indigo decay, therefore customising your jeans by your personal usage of them. This in addition would really help the environment and would allow a return to the true nature of jeans.

4. What denim trend do you wish would go away

Stop with Skinny jeans. That is trivialization of people!


5. What's your number one rule for denim

your jeans raw for as long as you can before washing them and then
enjoy and take pride in your jeans that are personal to you… it's
only in this way that you can be sure no one has the same jeans as you
in the world!