Milk Gallery at Milk Studios hosted an exhibition last night called Larry Clark Stuff featuring, literally, the stuff of indie film director Larry Clark. If you've ever watched a Larry Clark film (Kids, check) than you can get an idea of what kind of stuff he has.

The walls were lined with Fuct t-shirts and collectible skateboards that date all the way back to the 1980s. Movie posters from his films took center stage along with many unabashedly NSFW graphic photos. Of course, at an event like this, the hipsters were out in force…and so was our camera.

Click on the images for a closer look at who we chose to stalk.




Gender Reversal: These two ladies were tame in their matching wide-leg trousers and classic pink shells. On the flip side, this guy went all out with a pair of pink jeans complete with the best accessory a guy can get. His buddy in a matching pink shirt.



Bottom Drama: Faded Levi's with polyurethane stripes. Jeans with a Greek Evil Eye allover print. The guys definitely brought the attention below the waistline. Pun really not intended.



Androgyny is so Dandy: Guy or girl? It doesn't matter. Color on the bottom, tailoring at the top. Werq!



Perfectly Mussed: A lot of effort goes into looking effortless and this guy almost fooled me with his grunge-inspired plaid. But one look at his jeans, all neat and perfectly cuffed, and the truth was revealed. You can't fool a trained eye. 



Denim-on-Denim is not Dead: There were plenty of denim shirts and vests to be found proving that this trend still has legs.



Skinny Shminny: Slim to skinny is still the go-to style for guys that care about how they look. With designers creating more and more complementary items, such as slimmer henleys and button-downs, it will be a long time till the boys can roam free again if you know what I mean.



Decorative Discord: Eclectic prints in denim are the go-to style for women this Spring. Someone must have told her, so she started early.


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