1. The anti-glamour theme. It's certainly a departure for a fashion mag to strip down a celebrity, but in Nicki's case it's just anti-eccentric which makes it glamourous anyway.

2. Wig vs weave. Since discovering Ms. Minaj doesn't have a wig on, admit it, you've been studying her roots to see if it's a weave instead.

3. The Naked Face. Aren't we all surprised to find out Nicki Minaj is actually gorgeous under all of that strawberry shortcake fairy dust lollipop sparkle.

4. The cover verbiage. "Flawless skin"…Check. "Sexy makeup"…Sure. "Your Prettiest Hair in 2 Minutes"… Errrr.


5. Unzipped. Like she's literally unzipped. You can photoshop her bodacious booty away, but Nicki will never, ever suffocate the puppies.



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