Would it surprise you to know that, although I know that WeSC stands for "We are the Superlative Conspiracy" and that, although I have been familiar with the brand since it launched and that, although I once owned a top from the brand and have browsed their shop in Soho on multiple occasions, that I never knew how to pronounce the acronym? Yes folks. Until two days ago I have pronouncing WeSC as Wesk! Wesk!! PR rep Julian approached me as I was browsing the line in the Exposure America showroom and casually stated, "I see you like WeeEssSee". Oops!!! Thank goodness I didn't approach him and say "So can you tell me what the inspiration was behind Wesk this season?" Consider bullet dodged.

Moving right along. I appreciate skate culture, but I can't say I'm an active participant. Actually, I've never been on a skateboard in my life. There were a few pieces that I liked such as the WeeEssSee bomber jacket (above). I'm really feeling the bomber jacket/varsity jacket comeback. It's like the backlash to the slim fits we've been wearing for so long. I also liked WeeEssSee's range of accessories. The backpacks and carryalls were pretty cool. There was also a wide range of graphic headphones that will be popular with youth culture and the headphone collaboration with RZA from Wu Tang Clan will be popular with Gen-Xer's and Millenials alike. WeeEssSee's shoe range was very respectable as well and could also work for people outside of skate culture. (see our vineapp vid)

So with that said, I can't say I was enamored with the entire range. I definitely wasn't feeling the varsity-inspired trenchcoat for women. It seemed to be trying too hard to be original. There just wasn't anything incredibly groundbreaking. That could be by design however, because these items could work in any season for any period in fashion. Again, I'm not that familiar with skate culture so maybe this is what tickles their pickle.

Click through the thumbnails and draw your own conclusions about WeeEssSee Spring/Summer 2013