1. The Pretty Women ensemble. Whether it's a toddler in a tiara or Hermione gone bad. This dress should never be worn again except on a mannequin in the Smithsonian.


2. The Gratuitous Sexiness. Peek-a-boo tats, suggestive pose and skin, skin, skin. Why do successful female child stars have to go to such extremes to shed their wholesome image? You didn't see Justin Timberlake flashing peen to be taken seriously. ugh!


3. The Face. Doesn't her expression remind you of Lindsay Lohan's mugshot circa 2007?


4. The Slurpee. Emma's willowy body is all the proof we need to know that there is no way she eats food. Just kidding. But she definitely doesn't seem like the sugary drink type.


5. Farewell Hermione. We love the Harry Potter heroine. I mean, come on, Harry would have been wizard waste after the first movie if it weren't for her. But this cover proves that it's time for us Potterheads to let go. *sigh