First, let me start off by saying, as long as this post is, I have had to condense it several times, because it is very difficult talking about Williamsburg Garment Company without talking about the workingman's journey and business savvy of founder Maurice Malone. I met Maurice in his Williamsburg office and what I expected to be a typical "walk me through the line" session turned into much more. It's rare to meet with the actual designer of a line, so to get the inspiration directly from the source was a real treat. But with Maurice I got much more, his story. He's a very soft-spoken and humble person who was a victim of the economic downturn after 9/11. Without going into too much detail (because I want to get to the line) through grit, determination and a unique business model that brings cost savings to the retailer as well as the consumer, he managed to grow a fledgling brand from three styles in 2011 to a complete mens and womens collection that's sold globally. Impressive! Especially considering Maurice is a one man show. Again, I want to get to the line, but just know, we'll be revisiting him again. So watch this space.

Williamsburg Garment Company is made up of premium quality jeans, with minimal frills and gimmicks. There are no outrageous back pocket details, no fancy finishes and no outrageous silhouettes. When you buy a pair, what you get is a great fitting pair of jeans that can work with just about any look. The only identifying features are an embossed "W" on the belt line and an extended coin pocket. My favorite of the men's line were a pair of sulfur-dyed jeans (see below) which had the texture of stiff linen. Denim connoisseurs are going to love breaking that jean in. Also the neon orange jeans will have those guys who are early adopters of color jumping, no diving..head first..with a loud splash, into the trend. And we know camo is making a comeback, but Williamsburg Garment Company's cargo pocket-less chino is unique in a why-did-no-one-ever-think-of-it sort of way. The women's jeans were rife with pastels for Spring, which seems basic if you're not paying attention, which I was. The colorways range from a pale version and a darker version of each color with the pale version being the reverse side. They are not reversible, but being able to choose the reverse of the jean is another one of those why-did-no-one-ever etc etc moments. My favorite of women's were the engineer stripe boyfriend jeans. Stripes are popular for Spring but no one's done any other version than a skinny.

Overall, I was enamored with the quality of the collection. So many brands try to impress with their lines that they've forgotten that sometimes you just want a great pair of everyday jeans. Maurice has hit on a something so basic in us with his business approach that I am pretty confident that this line is going to blow up. Just remember, that when you're reading about it in GQ that you heard it here first.

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