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Okay we figured out weeks ago that American Eagle's spray-on jean branded the "Skinny Skinny" was a hoax of some sort, but now April Fools Day has come and gone and they can make it official. You would have thought that all of the people who figured it out beforehand would have killed the buzz, but this reveal video shot at an American Eagle store shows they still had a little something left up their sleeve. Actually sleeves are literally all they have. Watch the vid and check out the reactions. Some are pretty funny and a lot of people were fooled. Well, except for the one girl who points out that you could see the guy's junk. It is pretty, erm, prominent. See it for yourself. The video that is. Have a few laughs and have a happy belated April Fools Day.

Oh and yeah, for being a good sport, American Eagle is giving you 10% off your purchase. Good deal.

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