Guys, 7 For All Mankind (Seven) is going to shock the hell out of you this Fall. Some things we can talk about, and some we can't but take my word for it, you are going to love it.

Let's start with mens. Seven is really bringing their 'A' game with the men's collection. Jeans were brushed on the inside for maximum comfort and the indigo hues were so rich, they looked luxurious. There were also some pieces that took their cues from men's formalwear such as herringbone striped jeans that would go great with a pair of brown brogues. Also, Seven has a new line of men's shoes to add to the collection. One in particular had denim along the edge which was pretty damn cool. With a full range of tops, bottoms and shoes, men go literally wear head to toe Seven now (check out the model).

The women's line is so well-rounded that the only thing missing were dresses and skirts. The jacquard jeans were my absolute favorite. I loved how decadent they were. And they weren't just novelty pieces to pump up the collection. There was a whole range of jacquard styles with the weave only on the front or for the boldest of us, a full jacquard jean with jacket to match. Leather pants mimicked snakeskin and croc, while coated denims were so slick they will make the choice between leather or denim a real dilemma (be like us, get both). Also on hand were the most lightweight, suede-like fabrics. If you're a texturephile like me, be warned, you will not stop touching yourself if you wear them.

And last there is a top secret line coming that is going to seriously blow your minds. And when it's revealed, just remember you didn't hear it hear first.

Click on the thumbnails to see the Fall collection and stay tuned for the lookbook. To see more images visit our instagram