Level 99s lookbook this season is pretty well-rounded. Instead of having a plethora of styles like the big store brands and hoping half of them resonate with consumers, it seems Level 99 has opted to take the best of Spring's denim must-haves and edit it down. Basically, you're not going to find 5 different versions of tropical prints. Instead you get just one tropical print that works. It's a relatively safe, can't-go-wrong collection of closet-friendly items. That's a good thing. However, there is a gem in the mix in the form of a reversible skinny jean. It's not the typical reversible item with both sides looking like the 'outside'. The reverse actually looks like the inside of a pair of jeans, however, they've taken that side and added a floral print (at least from what I can see in the photo). I think that's a pretty sweet take on the two for one. Especially for someone like me who tends to wear the same pair over and over again. Flip through the lookbook and see for yourself. Are you as excited about this reversible print as I am?