Nudie Jeans says "We love denim. We really, really love denim." I think, yeah, you really love denim. Especially when you're moving from jeans to rugs. This is a first guys. At least I've never heard of it.

Nudie Jeans has launched a rug made out of old and worn-out Nudie Jeans. The jeans were cut into serrated strips, sewn together and spooled. The strips were then woven together on a manual shuttle loom and voila, rug! It's a limited-edition item with only 120 made so there's no fooling ourselves that we'll ever see one "in person". I'm going to try and get my hands on an unrolled image of it. In the meantime, from the looks of the image above it seems to be a pretty snazzy concept.

UPDATE: Stockist Baretta Jeans, one of the sellers of the Nudie Jeans rug, sent us some pics. Unfortunately, they are all sold out. Bummer. But if I were you I would keep checking their site. I'm sure this won't be the las t of Nudie Jeans' limited-edition brainstorms and they for sure will be found there. Click here to visit their website and see more pics.



(photo courtesy of Baretta Jeans)

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