Current-Elliott Patchwork Stiletto Skinny Jeans

(Current/Elliott Patchwork Stilletto Skinny Jean)

I'm aching for these Current/Elliott patchwork skinny jeans. It's another, somewhat more unique, way to take on Spring's anything goes color and pattern. And more importantly, it's going to put you on top of the fashion food chain that is your friendship circle. Not that we're competing or anything. 😉

Current-Elliott Patched Distressed Moto Skinny Jeans

(Current/Elliott Patched Distressed Moto Skinny Jean)

If the patchwork jeans above are a little too out there for your tastes, this toned down version is a great subsititute and will probably give you a little more versatility when it comes to items already in your closet .
Love Moschino Owl Shoulder Bag

(Love Moschino Owl Shoulder Bag)

Pink bags aren't normally my thing, but this Love Moschino quilted version would go great with the Current/Elliott jeans. And the little gold owl is kind of cheeky.