House of Hackney Raglan Tee in Hackney Empire Print with Stripe
(House of Hackney Raglan Tee in Hackney Empire Print with Stripe)

First let me say, it's not that I am condoning wearing head to toe stripes. Only the most fashion savvy can do such a thing. For everyone else, trying to pull that off would be stripe-on-stripe crime (see "The Right Stripes-There's More Than One Way to Wear Killer Stripes"). Separately, however, these items can really add some, dare I say it, pizazz to your look and that's why they're in my imaginary shopping cart today.

I love, love, love the contrast of pastel florals on stark black and white stripes. It's clearly inspired a Balmain print, but seeing as only like ten people in the world can afford Balmain, we're happy with this version.


One Teaspoon Iggy Jeans in Panelled Print

(One Teaspoon Iggy Jeans in Panelled Print)


We've seen all manner of vertical stripes this season. Therefore, a gold and black horizontal striped jean is a nice change of pace. The length and the color are a super chic combo. Solid color tops and heels are the go-to items for these jeans as they should be allowed to make a statement all on their own.

Warehouse Zebra Stripe Scarf
(Warehouse Zebra Stripe Scarf)


Normally I'm not a big fan of animal prints. No matter who makes them, I always find them tacky. Sorry guys, it's just my opinion. But every once in a while something stands out. When I first looked at this scarf I didn't realize it was a zebra print because the stripes were lengthy and robust. When you're having one of those days where you're just sticking to the basics, throwing on this scarf will be the perfect way to add some flair.