Chinoiserie Dragon Bomber
(Chinoiserie Dragon Bomber)


I am so feeling the return of the bomber jacket. Whenever an item makes a comeback it's always exciting to see how it's reinterpreted -whether designers choose to go throwback or update the style completely. For bombers it's been a combination of both. I love how this version from Topshop uses an asian floral print on the sleeves. It's very tomboy feminine and because I'm all about versatility, will work with so many items like shorts, jeans, pants and miniskirts.


MOTO Black Ethnic Print Leigh Jeans
(Moto Black Ethnic Print Leigh Jeans)


We've seen all manner of prints this season on jeans, but none such as this. This is a statement making jean that will have your friends begging you to find out where you got it. So while everyone's racking up on their tropical florals and stripes. This is what I'll be wearing.


Striped Sleeve Crop Top
(Striped Sleeve Crop Top)


I'm very hesitant about crop tops. I don't know how comfortable I am wearing one. Don't get me wrong, I have a taut tummy, but I don't know, there's just something that always makes me hesitate when it comes to them. However, I like the sporty/sexy style of this version from Topshop. It will go great when worn under the bomber jacket above and will have a wow factor when taking the jacket off. Plus, the sheer striped sleeves will take some of the attention away from the tummy – I think.