Distressed Denim Vest
(Distressed Denim Vest $58.00)

Browsing through NastyGal's e-commerce site is the equivalent of perusing the racks at your favorite East Village boutique, or like walking in The Bowery and finding a small shop hidden amongst the industrial wholesalers where you browse through the eclectic fashions to find a hidden gem that none of your friends will have because they don't know where to go to get it. I know you know what I mean.

An oversized denim vest is on my list of Spring must-haves and NastyGal has several versions. This however, is my favorite because it's more of a boyfriend style and I can envision more options with it. My current vision is of floral shorts, but I have a pair of black jacquard shorts that I could totally see wearing with them as well. Remember, for me, it is always about versatility.



Shark Tooth Pendant

(Shark Tooth Pendant $25.00)

Necklaces always make it better. Well, actually, necklaces and handbags and shoes. But when it comes to the bodily adornments, if there is one thing that can transform a look, it is the necklace. This Shark Tooth pendant would go great with the denim vest. It will also add edge to more sophisticated looks.


You Sent Me Skirt
(You Sent Me Skirt $120.00)

I like this skirt for one reason and one reason alone… it's interesting. Between the monochromatic print, the pink trim, the color blocking effect and the geometric hem, it will be a full-on statement piece no matter what you wear with it.



Roma Sandal

(Roma Sandal $88.00)

Every time I think I'm over the gladiator shoe trend, there is always a sandal that pulls me back in. This isn't a groundbreaking style, but I like the flat, shoe-boot, open-toed huarache thing it has going on.

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