There are plenty of new brands that hit the market on a daily basis, but very few with a story such as this one.

Bullet Blues was founded by French native Isabelle Benoit who was inspired by a pivotal visit to the American Cemetery and Memorial in Normandy. Just in case you need a brush-up on your American History (don't worry. I did too), over 73,000 American troops stormed the beaches of Normandy in one of the largest amphibious invasions in world history. This ultimately led to the fall of Hitler and the freedom of Europe from the Nazis. The American Cemetery and Memorial is the final resting place of almost 10,000 of those brave Soldiers. Isabelle, inspired by their sacrifice, returned to the United States wanting to honor these men by launching a denim line.

It may seem strange at first to launch a denim line to honor a Soldier's ultimate sacrifice, however Bullet Blues has a noble and patriotic cause. All manufacturing is done in the United States using only American made materials. The intention is to play a part in helping to keep jobs here and ultimately bolster the economy. And come on, there is nothing more American than a pair of blue jeans.

The line eschews the fancy washes and finishes of larger brands and keeps it simple with flattering fits and color, which is generally what most consumers care about anyway. The price points run upwards of $160 for both men's and women's jeans and they can be purchased on their e-commerce site.

Flip through the lookbook and see more of Bullet Blues.