Culotte shorts
Culotte Shorts $49.90


Tell me you aren't dying over these Zara shorts right now. I haven't been a fan of skorts since I was a skirt-adverse teenager in high school and wore them as a fashion compromise. These, however, with their geometric wrap and foldover waist take it to a whole new, and much more fashionable, level. I bought a pair in white, but am seriously considering buying the blue ones too and at just under $50, I would be a fool not to. 



Open work sweater1
Oversized Open Work Sweater $59.90


When trying to find a top to go with that fantastic skort I couldn't beat Zara's styling. The open work sweater that is paired with both the white version and the blue version is better than anything I could have come up with. And with Spring's current white on white trend it is the perfect combination.



Laminated high heel sandals with ankle straps

Laminated High Heel Shoes $49.90


I've been looking for a great pair of silver pumps for weeks. I haven't wanted to go too high-end because of the uncertainty on whether the style will have staying power. It may, but just to be safe I'm going with this wallet-friendly version. The t-strap and the cut-off toe box a'la Alexander Wang make this a great casual heel for Spring, no?