Denim fever dress
Denim Fever Dress – $48

As much as I love jeans, denim dresses can sometimes give me pause. When they're done well, they're done terrifically, when they're done bad, it's reaaaally bad. This one from Pixie Market is most definitely the former. With elements like color blocking, a high-low hem line, and leather trim details, this dress is hitting all the right spots this season. 



Lucia Lucite Brogues
Lucia Lucite Brogues – $92


Brogues are one of my favorite shoe styles. Contrary to what I initially thought about them, they have turned out to be a versatile and comfortable shoe that can go with just about anything. The lucite paneling on this take on the brogue can be interpreted as an updated form of colorblocking and would compliment the Denim Fever Dress nicely.



Leather star bracelet
Leather Star Bracelet – $44

Accessories are necessities. The metal star embellishments on this leather cuff, break up the colorblocking ever so slightly and add interest.



The diamond chin earring
The Diamond Chin Earring – $89


This earring is like a sweet necklace for your ear, no? It takes elements from the cuff earings that are so popular right now, but is not so overpowering that everyone will awkwardly stare at your ear during casual conversations.