Image Courtesy of Sportswear International

 Parisian designer Isabel Marant is the latest 'It' designer to partner with H&M for their wildly popular low cost designer collaborations. Lately, with retailers like Target and Uniqlo competing with H&M for the best designers, it seems the buzz over them has been waning. Quite possibly this is the result of frequency (and a tad bit of gimmickry). Most business models in any industry will work a profitable strategy into exhaustion. Instant gratification always wins out over the thrill of anticipation. Because of these reasons, I am expecting a lot out of the Isabel Marant/H&M partnership and here's why. 

Taking into consideration several Target collaborations, the first fast fashion one I can recall is Stella McCartney for H&M back in 2005. The idea of owning an item from the notoriously pricey Stella McCartney collection had a line around the block at the Fifth Avenue store for several days. Nowadays, it seems a line at any shop is impossible to achieve without Nightclub tactics. Case in point, two years ago I went to Uniqlo Soho to check out a collaboration that was so hyped I expected a line down the block. The line extended to the neighboring shop and after waiting in the rain to be let in by the bouncer AKA security guard, there was hardly anyone in the store. Talk about smoke and mirrors! And more than once I have seen items in the sale rack after the buzz has died down and I have to ask myself why more people don't choose to wait. 

So why am I expecting a lot from Isabel Marant for H&M? Well we can start with those omnipresent wedge sneakers. Love them or hate them, and I lean more towards mild dislike, they were everywhere. They were not a new idea. All you had to do was walk the streets of any major city in China years ago and you'd find them on many a Chinese fashionista, but somehow Isabel Marant managed to get them on our feet. Not only that, but they have spawned imitations, sorry, they have inspired, several activewear brands such as Puma and Nike to do the same. That, my friends, is a feat.

From her Spring 2013 RTW presentation, we know Marant has a way with denim. Prints and embellishments abounded and although many a denim company was well ahead of her in this area, the embracing of a trend by a high end designer is confirmation for the masses and surely had a hand in pushing this trend forward. 

Next, those damn sandals! The Carol studded leather sandals to be exact. I want them. So badly. So very, very badly. But the $1000 price tag is a boundary I just can't overcome. And since I don't style myself as very different from any girl that loves fashion, I can only assume that you feel the same pain. Therefore, the hope, no the expectation, no the yearning, that she will recreate a lower cost version of these sandals is enough to make me want to camp out. 

But basically, it all comes down to this. I am more excited about this collaboration than I have been for any in a long while. And from the reaction on Twitter, it's safe to say that others feel as I do. So how about it. Are you as excited as we are? Sound off below or hit us up @DenimHunt on Twitter.