Shopping Bag: Checkin' Out Madewell

Western jean shirt

Western Jean Shirt  $88

What is it about denim shirts that does something to your emotional shopping psyche? First, there's buyer's hesitation thinking this is a purchase that could go out of style at any moment and then you're stuck with something you couldn't give away if you tried. Then one catches your eye, like the Madewell shirt above, and you just have to have it. Next, you feel this sort of elation that said shirt goes with almost everything you own, even *gasp* your blue jeans. And finally, you're adding denim tops nonstop in the form of tees, patchwork button-downs and pullovers with the end result inevitably being your wonderment at how you wound up with so many denim shirts. 


Thompson shirts

Thompson Shorts  $88

Owning a crisp white short is akin to spending a weekend in the country at a lakeside cottage; dandelion pollen floating through the air as you sip on an ice cold lemonade. Add above denim button-down to the picture and the image is complete.  


The louie sandal

The Louie Sandal  $103

The simple ankle strap sandal is the answer to those of us who are sick to death of gladiator sandals. The design is so basic it's almost plain, but it's the simplicity of this design that makes it so lovely. Also, the yellow adds a pop of color to the denim top and crisp white short combo. 


Marfa bag

The Marfa Bag  $135

Just like the simple sandal, bags that are simple in their design are emerging. It's a welcome change from the oversized, shoulder-aching satchels of the last decade. While not practical for throwing your shoes in on the way to work. It's perfect for a weekend brunch with friends, or better yet, for shopping sprees when you don't want your handbag to become part of your burden. 


Drifter Shades  $49.50        Chevron Necklace  $59.50

Accessories, accessories, accessories. They are the creme de la creme, the cherry on top. A pair of retro chic sunglasses like the drifter shades will actually make you look as if you intended to walk outside with unbrushed hair and no makeup.

An elegant necklace is a complementary contrast to a distressed denim shirt, or any denim shirt for that matter, but the chevron pattern draws attention to the breast pockets of the Madewell Western shirt. It also complements the subtle chevron in the Marfa Bag.

Although neither item will make or break this look. They do give it that something extra.