Grizzly Adams is probably way before your time. You, like myself, have probably heard him referenced over the years but never actually knew, or wondered, who he was and what his significance was to American culture. 

Just this week I was enlightened. I got my hands on Prps Goods & Co's Fall 2013 lookbook and the entire woodsy editorial is based on Grizzly Adams, which I've come to learn was a television series from the 1970's. A quick Wikipedia search and I also discovered that the television series was based on a true mountain man from the 1800s who captured and trained bears! Prps is known for being avant garde for denim, but using Grizzly Adams as inspiration is wholly unexpected and quite intriguing.

Flip through the editorial and you will see landscapes and nature scenes in a palette of blues, greens and browns. Hillbilly camouflage is reintrepreted with wildlife prints on jackets created in the vein of old british hunting blazers. Barn jackets, corduroy, tribal prints and oil cloth are mixed in with Prps' signature distressed selvage denim and sportswear.