Denim was non-existent in the Comme des Garcon presentation, but denim inspiration abounded. If I was a denim designer this show would provide a wealth of trickle down material and I would be crazily sketching future ideas.

Imagine patchwork denim moving away from the linear to the more abstract (above). With the many different weights that you can obtain in 2×1 right hand twill (denim) this would be farely easy. 

I hope that men outside of major cities get over their color aversion soon because I'm pretty certain that we are going to see florals in menswear go mainstream in a season or two. Plaids are easier for men to wrap their minds around, so starting up with colorful plaids may make the transition into prints easier. 

See below for more denim inspo…





The seams may be linear but the permanent crinkling breaks it all up again. I love the use of this technique in blazers not only for men, but for womenswear as well. 




Ruching Trails

Tone it down for denim and a fancy ruched seam would be a bonus detail for jeans. It would work well with chambray button-downs as well.