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It seems rings are making it further and further to the tips of our fingers. 

The eagle-eyed fashionistas at spotted what they're calling the "nail ring" at the Chanel Fall 2013 Couture presentation. Besides the usual fawning, salivating and gushing over something groudbreaking, of which I am doing all three, there's is also one other thing that can be said about it…impractical.

Imagine.. walking around with your to die for Chanel nail rings and receiving all of the above reactions from your friends only to discover when you get home that you've lost one or two of the precious, and expensive, nail accoutrements. To die for takes on it's literal meaning after the heart attack that's sure to come. 

But umm, I'm willing to risk it.  

Would you wear the nail ring? Sound off in the comments.

See more pics of Chanel's nail ring bling after the jump. 


Chanel haute couture fall 2013 paris nail rings
chanel haute couture fall 2013 runway nail rings bling
Chanel fall 2013 runway paris nail ring bling