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Manhattan Portage/Meltin' Pot


Manhattan Portage bags are everywhere in, well, Manhattan. Especially among young guys who don't want to carry a murse, manbag or mocketbook. They are so ubiquitous to have almost become an invisible part of the wardrobe. You know, that item that is so common you don't even notice it anymore. Kinda like skinny jeans. 

Maybe it's this reason (or maybe not) that they've teamed up with denim brand Meltin' Pot on a "one of a kind" collection of tablet cases, backpacks and messenger bags made of denim and Manhattan Portage's signature 1000D Denier Cordura. I put one of a kind in quotes because making bags out of denim with camo print is hardly new, but in their defense, it is Manhattan Portage's first collaboration with an Italian brand. 

The collection will retail from $65 to $252 and will sell at their respective retail outlets.

What do you think? Would you carry Manhattan Portage's new bags? 





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manhattan portage, camo, meltin' pot, messenger bags

meltin' pot, messenger bags, manhattan portage, bags
meltin pot, manhattan portage, bags,