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While America obsesses over whether Miley Cyrus' titillating twerking trainwreck at the VMA's will have all her Hanna Montana fans finding their tongues too big for their mouths.  I've found myself more and more obsessed with something less controversial. Her eyelashes. 

What is it about Miley's lashes above all others that have me obsessed? It's the perfect length and separation of each individual lash. Every lash is long and articulated. Sometimes the mascara is applied lightly making her lids look as if they flutter everytime she blinks and at other times it's much sharper making each lash look like a tiny dagger. See what I mean…obsessed.

I've been trying to recreate a similar look and have gone through several different brands of mascara trying to do it. A few months, and several unused brands later, I've come back to my old faithful, Loreal's Lash Extend (It's the only brand that makes my non-existant lashes look more existent). The trick is to wet the brush just a tad. The water causes the lashes to separate and the stickiness of the mascara keeps it that way. Be that as it may, this technique can get a little messy -think black spots in my white sink. So I was still open to something better.

I stepped into Sephora's on a whim yesterday and stopped at the mascara section. Sephora's mascara section is the best. Everything's broken down for you, from the special formulas to the type of brush, so you can get the kind of lashes you want. I tried several different samples and BINGO! I found my lash savior. 

Marc Jacobs Beauty Lash Lifter gave me those Miley Cyrus lashes on the spot! The brush has small but incredibly stiff bristles that grabbed my lashes and gave me the length and separation I was looking for. I am now at peace my friends.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Lash Lifter Gel Volume Mascara