D-iD, Jimmy Taverniti, airstream, jeans for women, denim

Well, technically the pics weren't lost, just delayed due to site maintenance last month. So maybe what I should have said was "better late, than never". But I digress.

Last month, D-iD jeans, the latest brand by denim legend Jimmy Taverniti (see D-iD Fall/Winter 2013 lookbook) parked an Airstream trailer outside the Hearst building as a sort of showroom on wheels. It was definitely one of the cooler press previews I've been to, punctuated by the fact that I've never been inside of an RV let alone a '50s style Airstream. 

Fascination with throwbacks aside, the trailer was stocked artfully with D-iD's Fall offerings. The highlight of which were the harlequin pattern in jeans and denim jackets. Whether done with quilt stitching or laser finishing, on dark denim, or bleached out denim, the allover diamond pattern was a prominent feature and D-iD's liberal use of it, especially in this time of anything goes pattern, pretty much guaranteed that anyone else that uses it will be a copycat. 

A bonus feature was the super soft hand. Many denim offerings were heavily brushed for a denim that was as soft as a boll of cotton. 

Scroll down for more pictures of the inside of D-iD's airstream trailer. 




D-iD, airstream, jimmy taverniti,
D-iD jeans, harlequin, skinny jeans for women, denim, Jimmy Taverniti
D-iD, harlequin, Jimmy Taverniti, Denim jackets, jean jackets, women
D-iD jeans, harlequin, skinny jeans, women, Jimmy Taverniti
D-iD, harlequin, Jimmy Taverniti, skinny jeans, denim, women
D-iD Jeans, harleqiuin, skinny jeans for women, Jimmy Taverniti