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This summer after watching Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, I had an epiphany. What if I took a pair of jeans, gave them to different women for a week and have them photograph themselves in a look they put together. I dubbed my little social experiment in fashion The Jetsetting Jean. Cool right?

The first thing I discovered from my experiment is you can't ask a fashion conscious professional woman to put together a look in a week. Most took on average three weeks and some even longer. So much for timelines. Fashionably late is not just limited to fashion folk.

The second thing I discovered was that fashion inspiration can come from anyone! Although we like to mimic personal style bloggers and their sometimes off beat styles, it's the day to play looks that have the most staying power. And these women put together some great day to play looks. 

With all that said, I introduce you to the first The Jetsetting Jean- "Babette" a pair of laser striped skinnies by new brand de Chemin Jeans that were styled by Vanessa, Aisha and, ahem, myself. I loved how the subtle denim on denim stripes surreptitiously elongated my legs giving them a lot of POW!

Unfortunately, de Chemin is not in shops yet but keep checking their website to see where to purchase. 

 But enough already! One pair of jeans, three different women, infinite style. See the results after the jump….


UPDATE: de Chemin Jeans are available for purchase at Simply Smashing boutique in Campbell, CA. Keep checking the de Chemin website for stockist updates. 




de Chemin jeans, best skinny jeans, stripes, women,

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de Chemin jeans, jetsetting jeans, skinny jeans for women, stripes

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de Chemin jeans, jetsetting jeans, striped skinny jeans for women,

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