If you're anything like me, than you take a break from wearing heels every chance you get! But unless it's summer, the only acceptable option for skirts and such are ballet flats. I hate ballet flats! I just do. I've been over them for a while and now categorize them with Uggs, Crocs and those ridiculous exercise sneakers with the uneven sole. 

That's why I'm so excited about this era of fashionably flat shoe options. I say fashionably flat as opposed to fashionable flats because that's what they are. There are so many options now, from slip ons, to brogues, to loafers and they go with evvverything. I bought a pair of Modern Vintage loafers (above) a month ago and have been wearing them with jeans and dresses. I'm obsessed! So much so, that while shopping for fall shoes I've been giving equal attention to flats and heels. 

I compiled a slideshow of some the styles I have my eye on for jeans and trousers. Flip through it for inspiration for your own Fall looks.