Confused? I was too. But this pretty much sums up what I saw at Diesel Black Gold today. Nothing! And I was certainly left with questions.

As I've said in the past, the days when denim was all over the runways are over, but that doesn't stop many designers from incorporating denim into their presentations (see Denim on the Runway: New York Fashion Week Spring 2014 Roundup Part 1). That's why I enjoy supporting (in my own small way) those brands like Diesel whose roots started in denim. However, that wasn't possible today.

Generally, I'm invited to the Diesel Black Gold show every season and enjoy their choice of venue along with the presentation. This season, I was sent an invite as well that said "Priority Standing", with the venue being Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Station. I wasn't sure what "Priority Standing" meant other than don't wear heels, but I was quick to find out.

When I checked in, I was directed to the "STANDING" line where a fair amount of people waited. This happened to be across from the "PRESS" line, also with a fair amount of people. We all waited, rather patiently I might add, to be told when we would be let in. What happened was after about 40 minutes of waiting, the curtains closed, the music began, and we were left wondering what the hell happened! Did they overbook? Well, that was obvious. Was it intentional? Maybe. The real question is did they overbook intentionally and had us waiting to fill seats just in case editors didn't show up. The thought of that is where my anger set in.

I'm not there to be a part of the crowd. I'm not there to be involved in all of the hype. I've been doing Fashion Week for over 10 years; since the tents at Bryant Park. I'm there strictly to see the presentation and report on it; to view the shows and break down to you what I think will be trending in denim and lifestyle. To have to stand there like some kind of hanger-on or a starry eyed fangirl with pie-eyes just hoping with all my fangirl might to be let in was just, I don't know, wrong.

As I write this I'm looking at my invitation again wondering if a few words were omitted. If so, my guess would be "Not A" as in Not A Priority Standing because that certainly was the case. With all of the talk lately about Fashion Week being over on Racked and the NY Times. This certainly isn't the way to go. 

All of the disappointment and frustration that myself and the other almost attendees felt could have been avoided with just two simple phrases "Space is limited. First Come, First Serve".