There's a video making the rounds of Jimmy Kimmel Live's "Lie Witness News" pranking schtick which targeted Fashion Week attendees. Fashionista called it cringe-worthy. I call it downright painful! The video is full of obnoxious liars! Fabricators in fabric, if you will. At one point, the host shows a photoshopped picture of a male model walking the runway with a watermelon on his head. One guy claimed he actually saw the show –without prompting I might add. Another guy snobbishly told the host "It's called fashion, look it up." Huh?! What?! 

This is just so, so…ugh! For two reasons. One, they obviously picked the most clueless people they could find. I mean, who in the world could be asked about the George Costanza show and not automatically think Seinfeld! Well, at least one person. And let's not forget the guy asked what he thought about Purina Chow and goes on to explain how Asians have a unique style. Dude! Seriously?! Did you just say that?! As frustrating and painful as all of these characters were to watch. I will say, they must have a good sense of humor (or a terrible sense of scope) to have signed a release, because now everyone, in or outside of fashion, knows how utterly braindead they are. Good luck finding a job.

The second thing that is so, ugh, is Jimmy's introduction. He calls Fashion Week the annual week where the fashion community get's together to play a huge practical joke on the women of America. Then procedes to show a runway shot of a model in an abstract silhouette. He's a comedian. I get it. But I have friends that don't work in fashion who catch a couple of glimpses of runway pics in the newspaper and say similar things. I'm constantly explaining that what they're seeing is not even going to be in stores until next year and that once they see the magazine editors interpret it in their editorials, and then when it finally hits stores, what they're seeing today will seem less far-fetched. Of course they will then point out the same type of image that Jimmy Kimmel showed and say "but what about that?". To which I then shrug and reply, "It's called fashion, look it up".