A denim poncho is something that sounds so cheesy, but is actually so awesome. I mean, if someone said they wanted to wear a poncho made of denim, even I, the original denimhunter, would think, hmm, I don't know about that. But pictures are worth a thousand words as they say. And pictures I have. 

Denimhead brand MQT has come out with a denim poncho. The poncho is made of raw denim and is finished with an all over camo print. Again, pictures, thousand words, bare with me. It is treated with a water repellent that makes it completely functional as rain gear and is meant to appeal to the outdoor party/festival set who happen to love ponchos to go allong with their wellies. See, now it all comes together.

Take a look at the pics below to see more of the MQT denim poncho…. And then read the post again from the top. 🙂

Visit the MQT e-commerce site for stockist information.