Does it validate knockoffs? In a way it does. We always like to say fashion always comes full circle. What was out, comes back in. What's in, goes out. And the space in between is getting smaller and smaller. It used to take decades for a style to come back in, now it only takes a few years…think metallics. Would this be the beginning of knockoffs being brought into the circle. Let's go back to that infamous Chanel tote. Would the popularity of a knockoff be an indicator on whether it will be revived as a legitimate item by the design house itself? This might be a stretch but it's still something to think about.
MIA Versus Versace

Image via Paper Magazine

This leads directly into the last question. Will this take back fashion from counterfeiters? No. While it is a nice idea. It's not likely. Many of us loathe counterfeit merchandise. Outwardly. But the majority of people will always want high fashion for cheap. And where there is demand, there will always be a supply. So if Chanel knocked off it's knockoff tote in all of it's imperfect iterations. This could lead to the counterfeiters knocking off, the knocked off, knockoffs with a knockoff. And with that my friends, I have firmly put myself in the Matrix. But this is probably what M.I.A. intended. Clever girl.

The 19 piece M.I.A x Versus Versace capsule collection will hit stores October 16th. M.I.A.'s album "Matangi" drops on November 9th. What do you think? If this takes off, will it have an impact on how you feel about counterfeit products? More importantly, will you buy it or wait until the lower priced knockoff hits streets (sorry couldn't resist).