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You've probably noticed that I've been talking a lot about jewelry and accessories lately. That's because I'm a bonafied accessories junkie! I overuse my jewelry as much as I overuse my jeans The only difference is my jeans start smelling after a while. My jewelry always stays fresh. There is just something about that statement piece that can add POW to even the most mundane outfit. 

I was introduced to ManiaMania last season (see Accessories to Drool Over – ManiaMania) and Need it! Want it! Have to Have It! is an understatement. I am manic manic over ManiaMania. It's so hard not to gush over the oversized quartz pendents dangling from chunky gold and silver chains. And the metalwork is just as exaggerated as the medallions. It's so different from what's trending which makes it distinct and covetable. I couldn't stop gushing over the palm bracelet, or palm cuff as I called it, as well as the bracelet that extended over the back of the hand as modeled by Starworks Group's Sydney Oh (see below). 

ManiaMania jewelry ranges from $130 for a knuckle ring to $420 for a headpiece which is pretty reasonable for such a unique line. 

Click below to see the rest of the images. I dare you not to gush. 😉



maniamania sydney oh starworks group wrist bracelet wrist cuff best accessories

maniamania best accessories jewelry

maniamania best accessories jewelry