Wrangler belted parka Best winter coats

The weather is getting colder and as much as I mourn the absence of cold weather (and rail at the unchangeable heat setting in my apartment) I'm stoked at being able to pull out my winter coats. Just like jeans and shoes, I feel like you can never have enough. I know that goes against what most people feel, especially if your day consists of going from a heated apartment, to a heated car, to a heated office. If you live in a city or use mass transit to get to work, than you're spending a good chunk of your day in a coat and it is an integral part of your wardrobe. 

I own a fair number of coats. I've found that at those times when I have to look somewhat decent but am too exhausted to put anything together, throwing on a nice coat and handbag makes even jeans and chucks look good. I've noticed though that I don't have enough functional coats for days when I just want to be warm. That's why when I saw the Wrangler parka, I thought, perfect! 

It's obviously not a new look. Parkas have been around for years, but this is the first time I've wanted one. I also like the fact that it's not in the ubiquitous green color that everyone seems to prefer when owning this style coat. I still like the green but when it trends out, it will trend out big, meaning you won't be able to wear one without looking dated. Owning it in blue will make this coat a little more timeless.

What do you think about the Wrangler Parka?