I love the patches…

Yeah, these were leftovers from the archives and I just added studs. There's no exact [time period]. They were all from the 35 year history of the brand, so it's almost like the patchwork of their legacy in a way. I keep saying that it's a love letter from me to the company. It's almost like a little souvenir to show what's coming. 

And it's going to be available in all Diesel Locations?

Yeah all around the world starting today*

And all of it's handmade? Every single piece?

All the detailing is done by hand. For me it was very important that it was handmade. I wanted to show that kind of patchworky personal feeling. Nowadays it's difficult to find things like that unless you go to a vintage store. For example one of the vests is a full on studded denim vest, but the back has lots of detailing. It's a lifetime piece. People can keep it forever and that's the great thing about denim.


What made you guys shoot the campaign with an iPhone?

Instead of creating a normal campaign and visuals, we shot everything on an iPhone. Because it is something handmade and very personal, I wanted to do something completely opposite when I presented the collection. I didn't want to go through the whole getting a photographer, going to a studio, shooting it. I wanted this to be very quick. Straight to the point. So we got together and brought in Nick Knight and he just shot the whole thing on an iPhone. We made gifs, we made specific photos for instagram, specific photos for tumblr and with this we're speaking the language of the young generation.

It's like heritage meets new technology.

Yes, it's the balance of digital and physical. If it's handmade I want the marketing to be much more progressive. We used two apps called Glitche' and Mega photo and we talk about it [in the campaign] so people can mimic it. 

How did you guys find those apps?

I had Mega Photo before and Glitche' was found by the photographer.


I know that your first show is coming next fashion week. What should we expect?

We're bringing everyone to Venice. I'm not going to do it during fashion week. I'm just going to do it my way. We're just going to do our thing. I know that's it's going to be the most amazing thing ever. With Diesel this is possible. I joined the company 5 months ago and we've done the most amazing things. It's going to be a shit hot collection. I have no doubts at all.


And after seeing #DIESELTRIBUTE neither do I.

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*The collection hit stores November 5th.