Rihanna Balmain Spring 2014 campaign

image courtesy of WWD



Old news. Yes. Rihanna's latest foray into fashion has been news for 24 hours already. It's rare for me to cover uber-luxury brands, expensive gowns kinda don't fit with the whole DenimHunt thing, but I couldn't help but notice Rihanna in a high fashion, and super edgy take, on denim on denim in one of the campaign ads for insanely overpriced luxury brand Balmain. Looking at the images, at first glance I thought, love her hair. At second glance I thought, who would wear that?. At third glance I thought, I think I would wear that. 


I love that Balmain made denim the focus of a campaign that's sure to be overblown. They do incredibly great work with the fabric (see Spring 2014 Menswear: Balmain's Museum Ready Denim. Met Gala 2014 Anyone?) It's just another affirmation about the versatility of denim which I am, of course, an advocate for. But concerning my thoughts, let us work backwards.

Balmain loves to add hardware to their designs and this is no exeption. The gold chain links connecting the denim panels is akin to armor. Speaking of gold, the highly polished metal mixed with a denim finish that is similar to what you'd find on Dad jeans actually classes up the top. However, let's be honest with ourselves, if we saw this top in say, a Hot Topic selling for $19.99 we'd think it was hideous.

It was the mass consumer in me that caused the latter opinion to form first. After all, when shopping, my opinions are formed in an instant before I decide to purchase or pass. However, it was the fashion professional in me that made me go back and analyze and subsequently appreciate the details (as well as the inescapable coverage in the digital fashion media). 

So my conclusion. I haven't one. I can't afford Balmain anyway.

And that ends my entirely overblown, overanalyzed, over thought out critique of Rihanna's campaign ad. 

I still love her hair.

What do you think?