The event was fittingly held in Soho concept store/denim atelier 3×1 and sponsored by denim supplier ISKOone of the premium denim industries largest denim suppliers, and Archroma, a textile dye and finishing company. It opened with an introduction by yours truly and some remarks by Marco Lucietti, ISKO Marketing Director and Carl Fortin, Marketing Executive of Archroma. The two executives spoke of their companies' contributions to the denim industry, which are significant, and their satisfaction at having been a part of the creation of the book.

The highlight of the evening was the Q & A I had with denim legends and true Bluemasters Adriano Goldschmied and Scott Morrison. Among the questions I asked were topics related to past and present changes in the denim industry as well as what innovations they imagined in the future. Adriano imagined a denim industry where sustainability was the norm and not a novelty. I was especially moved by his genuine concern for the effects past production has had on the environment. With denim being the most prevalent item in most everyone's wardrobe, just changing one part of the manufacturing process would have a significant impact on the environment. Scott's focus on connecting on an emotional level with the consumer surely is the key to his success, especially when dealing with a fabric that already elicits such an emotional response from the wearer. He spoke of this as the inspiration behind 3×1, which he hopes to expand to other areas, and the importance of continually pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Adriano is a great storyteller with a larger than life personality that complimented Scott's more humble demeanor. Many of us, Scott and I included, were left in stitches with his tales, one of which was the total destruction of a washing machine while attempting to stone wash jeans using real pebbles. It was a great night and the event organizers did an amazing job highlighting the Bluemasters book and the sponsors, with ISKO's logo spelled out in denim and excerpts from the book on the walls.

With so much of the fashion media covering denim this spring, it is great to see what has become a garment industry in its own right, being recognized. 


Click below to see the Bluemasters: Innovation in Denim and other photos from the event…



Marco Lucietti ISKO Carl Fontin Archroma 3x1 bluemasters denim

Marco Lucietti and Carl Fortin


Scott Morrison 3x1 denim bluemasters

far right: Scott Morrison
left to right: Me, Lauren Williams & Abby Cook of Cotton Inc, Eben Nicastro Sourcing Journal

left to right: Lauren Williams  & Abby Cook of Cotton Inc*, Eben Nicastro Sourcing Journal
adriano goldshmied marco lucietti isko bluemasters 3x1

left to right: Adriano Goldshmied, Marco Lucietti


Kutay Saritosun ISKO bluemasters

Kutay Saritosun, Sr Marketing Executive ISKO

Adriano Goldshmied bluemasters denim pioneers 3x1

Adriano Goldshmied "The Godfather of Denim"


Beacons Closet DenimHunt denim kimono

Vintage Denim Kimono from Beacon's Closet

 shanna mckinnon scott morrison adriano goldshmied bluemasters 3x1 isko archroma ag jeans A06


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