I'm not a shoe horse, but I'm not a shoe pony either. While I'm not quick to jump on the latest shoe trends, I do love finding new styles that are only slightly, just a smidge, off the beaten path.

I picked up these wingtip brogues by Born during the cold winter months. After sitting in my closet for way too long, I pulled them out two weeks ago and now I can't stop wearing them! I've noticed that no matter what I wear when I have them on, everyone's eyes go straight to my feet. Whether smiling or frowning at them I can't tell, but either way I'm encouraged. So much so, that I've taken to trying out different ensembles to center a few outfits around them.

So far I've found that the key is to keep it low-key but complementary, like with these NYDJ jeans and moto jacket. The old-school wash of the jean tones down the Cotton Club style of the shoes. Pairing it with an off-white moto and an Alexander Wang crossover adds a little bit of edge.

What do you think? Yay, Nay or Indif?