The Pre-Show Trailer:

Digital Media Marketing Consultant Adam Campbell is on a pleasant date with a beautiful brunette at a nice restaurant. Cutaway -Adam asks a girl "should we make out?" Cutaway -Adam tells another girl "I'm trying to get me AND you drunk". Cutaway -at the restaurant Adam says, "I'm just looking for love, unsuccessfully". No kidding.

Woman-loving Entrepreneur Rocco Cafferelli who's trying to launch a high-end women's denim line, walks into BPD Washhouse, sits on a denim patchwork seat and asks his father "Did you know they have casting couches?" Then in a voiceover about getting into the denim business "People have been making pants ever since it was socially unacceptable to walk with your dick out. It can't be that complicated". Ooookay

Well-connected businessman Scott Mitchellstraddled by models, talks about trying to make a business deal…somewhere.


Quick Fast forward

Lorenzo Borghese of The Bachelor fame gives young businessman Charles Ferri a tour of his warehouse so Charles can pick out a makeup gift for his girlfriend. While ridiculing Lorenzo during confessional about not being able to drive a forklift in his own warehouse, he uses said forklift to carry huge boxes of, presumably free, beauty products for his girlfriend. Lucky girl. 


Rocco at BPD Washhouse

Rocco, accompanied by his investor dad, walks into BPD Washhouse's building in Jersey City to approve styles and go over washes. As Bill goes over colors and constructions Rocco asks a lot of basic questions. Clearly he doesn't know much about denim, but he gets points for asking about patches. I think they're cool too. Before the meeting ends, Bill tells him that he will have a fit model available for their next visit.


Quick Fast Forward

Scott heads to Barcelona to act as a middle man for some big business deal. Adam goes on a skate date with a girl who looks bored and uninterested. He thinks she's a cool chick. The show makes a point to highlight their handholding complete with arrows and a tag that says "Holding Hands". Adam crashes a couple's dinner because his date stood him up (presumably the same girl) and acknowledges that he's the fifth wheel. This guy needs help.


…And Back to Rocco and BPD

Bill walks out in a cool denim button-down holding two pairs of jeans -the finished product. His shorter haircut indicates some time has passed. Bill explains that the fit model will be trying them on so they can tweak them and make adjustments. In the confessional Rocco wisely states "You can have jeans on a hanger and they look great, but if they don't fit, well, they're not going to sell and no one's going to wear them" Very good Rocco. Very good.


Lucky bastards esquire network bpd washhouse bill curtain rocco-001

Enter Cindy the fit model

Cindy is a "perfect size four" according to Bill. Rocco thinks so too because he makes sure to repeat it with an appreciative smile and tilt of the head. She's wearing a pair of black, low-rise, bootcut jeans that I have to say, look absolutely amazing. To get a better angle, Rocco has Cindy stand on the "casting couch" and scratches chalk marks on the ankle to request the flare be taken in a bit. I kind of disagree. I think they were perfect the way they were. But I digress. When he's done making his adjustments, Rocco grabs Cindy fully by the waist to help her down from the couch. Um, is it a couch or Mount Everest? In the confessional Rocco states "To see [the jeans] actually in the three dimensional form is the best gift I've had." You don't say.

Before Cindy comes back Rocco makes a quick call to his dad expressing his delight at the way the jeans are shaping up and tells him that the fit model is coming back with an indigo jean that's a little more high-rise. His dad states "High-rise is good. It's a coming trend", to which Rocco states "Indeed". Yes Rocco, indeed. It's coming so fast, it's actually already here. But here's the best part, his dad then asks, "Was the model topless?" and Rocco responds that she wasn't, but that it's such a good suggestion that he will try it in the "second round". Oh, poor Cindy.


Lucky bastards esquire network rocco cafferelli bpd washhouse

Cindy follows Bill back in with a pair of pale indigo, high-waisted, skinny jeans and again, she looks amazing. I seriously want both pairs for myself. Rocco gives her a helping hand onto the couch (any reason to touch Cindy of course), where she faces the wall so they can look at the back of the jeans. Rocco looks on proclaiming it a work of art, I think they look great too, but for some reason I don't think that's what he means. He notes the little folds that sometimes appear under the seat of jeans by lightly rubbing the area with the back of his finger. Cindy kind of scoff-giggles. I feel you Cindy, I feel you. This is where it gets interesting, funny and horrifying all wrapped in one uncomfortable bundle. Bill, like a professional, points to the upper inside of the thigh to explain what can be done to get rid of the folds. Rocco uses this as an opportunity to chalk the inside of Cindy's thigh with this creepy,maniacal look on his face. As his hand goes up into the unsafe zone, he gets a gentle but firm caution from Bill. Yayyy Bill! Cindy's in good hands, err, no hands.


Lucky bastards esquire network

Rocco looking creepy


Cindy's such a good sport. After they're done, she allows Rocco to glide her regally down off the couch. He then shows her and Bill a t-shirt with the name he's come up with for the line "Convino". Cutaway -Rocco discusses the meaning behind the Convino name with his father who says "The Convino lifestyle means when you buy these jeans, you are committed to having a good time and alcohol may or may not be involved" to which Rocco adds, "like a woman who's just finished her Bikram Yoga and she wants that naughty thick glass of wine". Gotta love that not so subtle innuendo. Cutaway -back at BPD Washhouse Rocco has managed to get Cindy to model the Convino t-shirt while taking pictures of her with his cellphone. He holds his phone up as if he's using a DSLR at a photoshoot and tells her, Terry Richardson-like, to "Have fun with it. Just play with it" and actually makes a cat's meow and hissing sound. No really. He did. Cindy obliges, though she looks much better (and classier) doing it.

In the middle of all this there is a confessional in which Rocco states " One thing I'd say that I've learned from my father and others is that if you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life. I love women, I love jeans". I think that sums it up pretty nicely.


Fast Forward to the End

Some traveling is done, some business deals are made and some relationship advice is given. The End.