Babyfoot best foot scrub, best foot exfoliator

This works!


I'm a keep it simple type of person when it comes to beauty treatments. I'm not going to let fish eat the dead skin on my feet. I'm not going to draw blood just to put it back on my face. I will wax my bikini line, but brazilians are still a no go. With all that said, it doesn't mean that I still don't want to be beautiful. I just don't want to work for it. 

While browsing the web, reading reviews about the best hair products, I stumbled upon one about a relatively obscure foot product. This product, called Baby Footwas getting rave reviews by commenters on Amazon, Makeup Alley and a bunch of random beauty blogs. I mean, it was borderline beauty worship. Apparently, it's made of plant acids that cause the dead outer layers of skin to peel, leaving you with new skin. Kind of like, well, a baby's foot. 

It runs for about $25 a box, but I found one on Amazon for $19. When it came about a week later, I held out a day wanting to contain my excitement and feed my scepticism just in case I was setting myself up for dissappointment. 



The next day I opened the box and found two plastic booties filled with a generous amount of fluid and some tape. The directions require you to wash your feet before application, but some websites recommend soaking your foot first. That's too much work. I went with the directions. 

I rinsed my feet in the sink (hey, I'm from New York) and put on the booties using the tape to secure them. I placed some cushy socks over them and waited the designated hour. When time was up, I removed the booties, rinsed the product off and…nothing. That was it.

The box says you won't see peeling for about 4 days, but by the time Day 4 came around I was convinced it didn't work. Day 5 and still nothing. Then I thought to myself, all those people couldn't be wrong and became certain I didn't leave it on long enough. On Day 6, however, I noticed the skin on my feet looking kind of fried. I mean, really heinous. But still no peeling. Then Day 7 it started. 

For about two weeks my feet were molting like a snake. Actually, that would have been better because a snake's skin sheds in one whole piece. My skin shed in big pieces, little pieces, with help, or on their own. I had to wash my socks inside out because I'd find bits of skin inside and my dustbuster was working overtime on the flakes left on the floor.

Everything shed. The skin on the bottom of my feet, in between my toes, around my nails, the top of my foot and even up to where the booties stopped at the ankle. Hence the reason I chose not to use my own foot (above).

So the question is, was it worth it? Hell Yes!! After all the dead skin shed, my feet looked amazing. Even now, a month later, my feet look gorgeous (if I do say so myself) That's saying quite a lot because I didn't have crusty heels to begin with.

I'm thinking about using it quarterly because of how great it works and have considered modifying the booties to use on other places where I want new skin -like my ass. I sit on it a lot. It could use some smoothing.

My verdict: Highly Recommend