Notable names at the event were Lisa Sumner and Orlando Lima.  Lisa, SEO Manager VH1 Digital and one of the event organizers, was incredibly charming and made it a point to complement my hair and outfit. This meant a lot coming from someone so gorgeous and impeccably dressed. For the record, I wore a sheer sweater with floral embroidery fashioned on the sleeves and in the number 77 on the front. I went for contrast with a pair of royal blue, high-waisted cotton shorts that had a moroccan pattern on the legs. Both were purchased at a mall boutique called Kara. My L.A.M.B Carter ankle straps have a chunky lucite heel that faded from black to clear and I completed the outfit with an Ivanka Trump white and beige crossbody purse. But I digress. Orlando, formerly of Complex Magazine, now works as an Executive Producer at VH1. Orlando and I chatted for a while and I thought it was pretty interesting how up close he gets with celebrities as well as the work he puts into making the VH1 Awards show a perfect experience for the audience.

 Also in attendance was Jasmine Washington, the web designer for Juicy Magazine. You know that magazine that you see at the checkout line at the grocery store or at the newspaper stand that’s full of celebrity gossip and news? Yes, that’s the one she works for.  We dished about her recent interview with radio host Ebro from Hot 97 which can be read here.

Jes Pérez who is the multicultural host for Radio Disney and hails from the Dominican Republic like yours truly, was present with her best friend, celebrity stylist Man-e Jay.  Man-e Jay’s roots working with Patricia Field showed in his ecclectic style as he paired a zebra print head-scarf with a white button down shirt, lime green shorts and knee high leather Doc Martens. Fierceness! I bonded with the duo as we took a bunch of pictures while simultaneously stuffing our faces with hors d’oeuvres.


Scroll down for more pics from this incredibly fun event…



VH1 UPFRONTS, VH1, VIACOM, vh1 vip thursday, Lisa Sumner, kat weltch

     Lisa Sumner, Kat Weltch
vh1 upfronts, vh1, viacom, will heyward, kat weltch, kara fashion, kara girl, L.A.M.B., Ivanka Trump

   Will Heyward , Kat Weltch
VH1 UPFRONTS, VH1, VIACOM, vh1 vip thursday, kat weltch