WGSN, Stylesight,

 There's been much speculation, rumors, announcements and lots of waiting, but the time is finally near -WGSN and Stylesight are merging. 

On August 4th, the two mega trend services will combine under the WGSN brand name. Stylesight users will navigate it easily, however, as the service will be designed around Stylesight technology.

We can expect the same services being offered centered around what WGSN Group describes as the five pillars of content which are Consumer Intelligence, Trend Forecasting, Commercial Product Development, Retail Strategy and Data Analytics. Presumably, if both services have not kept all of their content providers, they've at least kept the best of the best which will mean even more robust research and analyses in those areas. 

In a surprising and strategically brilliant move, Carla Busazi, founder and Editor-in-Chief of Huffington Post UK, has joined WGSN as the Global Chief Content Officer. With the addition of Busazi, I expect that there will be a push to add more commercially palatable content augmenting the more esoteric analyses that are the hallmark of both platforms. Articles that are Feedly-friendly and shareable on social networks would be a better-late-than-never update and a more than welcome way to keep up with trends. If that's the case, I'm looking forward to the new change. 

“We are really excited to announce the launch of the new WGSN. We have listened to our customers and taken advantage of technology and innovation to deliver a truly market-changing product. The increased global reach and depth of content within the new platform elevates the value and strength of what WGSN can offer, saving our customers time, helping them collaborate more effectively and giving them even more certainty. Ultimately, it empowers their business to make better decisions and to be more competitive."

-Steve Newbold, Global Managing Director WGSN Trends

At over $85 million dollars spent and two years in the making I'm expecting great things.