Next, I painted over the dry polish with a special adhesive coat (it's really just Elmers School Glue in a nail polish bottle, but who's sniffing). After the adhesive dried to a tacky clear texture, I placed the foil on the nail ensuring it was color side up. Then I pressed it down with my fingers and smoothed it into the corners with a rubber nail stick until the foil was attached firmly to every part of my nail. I let the foil sit on my nail for a few minutes, which isn't necessary according to the instructions but I like to err on the side of not messing up and having to start over again.  

Next I gently pulled it off, so the color could transfer smoothly from the foil to the nail. I finished the nail off by applying the special top coat and voila! Dorothy's Ruby Slipper Nails.!

So what does that have to do with the title of this post you ask? Good question. After going through this entire process as well as the difficulties of documenting if for you (you try using your free hand to take a pedicure picture) and being incredibly proud of myself I might add, I discovered that Julep has a color (above) that does all of this in one easy step -no extra materials, no extra work. So thank you Julep. The jokes on me. And that color is in my shopping cart. 


Nail Foiling, Sparkling Ruby Toes

Clockwise right to left: How to foil nails


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