Of all the contest I've heard of this year, this one will definitely strike a chord with those who wear jeans. Cult of Individuality is hosting it's first Future Vintage Project by challenging fans to wear a pair of raw denim Cult jeans as often as possible from now through April 30th. Easy right? Especially if you already own a pair of Cult jeans, because you're probably wearing them all the time anyway, but there's a catch. Not only do you have to wear the jeans as often as possible, but you can't wash them….at all. That's seven whole months of unwashed jeans. Stinky. 
The point is to let the jeans create the wear and whiskering that comes naturally with a well worn-in pair. The way it used to be done before we started paying a hundred dollars a pop for brands to do it for us.

To enter, each month you have to document your jeans by uploading progress photos to facebook, twitter, instagram or even your blog with the hashtag #CultFutureVintage. At the conclusion of the contest on May 1st, contestants will be able to finally wash their smelly jeans to see the finished product. The winner's wash will earn $1000 of Cult credit and a place in the product line. Not to mention letting their friends come near them again, but then they probably didn't wash their jeans that often to begin with. That's not a dig. That's just the way it's done. 
In the meantime, some tricks of the trade; resist the urge to toss them in the laundry basket and pull them out again. Instead, after each wear, just air them out with the jeans turned inside out. Stick them in the freezer on really bad days to kill odorous bacteria and when you do put them away, stick a dryer sheet in with them.