The neverending fast fashion juggernaut, streetstyle photographers and, erm, bloggers ushered in the era of the fashion circus leaving brands like Gap struggling to find their place. The good news however, is that when a trend is oversaturated the reaction is for it's opposite to become trendy. In this case dressing normally.
It would be an understatement to say that Gap's team is brilliant for getting ahead of this. Their #DressNormal tagline reads like a gauntlet being thrown at purveyors of fast fashion. Say 'Dress Normal' out loud, take a look at what you have on and try not to feel a tiny bit of shame. We can take that shame with us to Brooklyn on Saturday because the last leg of Gap's #DressNormal Project hits the borough this weekend. 
The #DressNormal Project was curated by The Hunger Games and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo costume designer/stylist Trish Summerville and famed streetstyle photographer Tommy Ton. Let's look closely at this. The stylist of two heavily stylized movies and a streetstyle photographer who's worked defined fashion peacocking are curating an exhibit in a world renown hipster enclave. It's worth going just to see what their definition of normal is.