Recently the company did something unprecedented for a mill. They rented out the penthouse of the trendy Gansevoort Hotel and displayed their latest innovations on specially made jeans in a showroom-type setting. Various versions of their jogg jean were on display in various styles and served to punctuate it's movement from a passing fad to a full-on trend. 

The most amazing piece was a sturdy peacoat made of a denim called the "Scratch Jean". It's difficult to describe but imagine a fibrous layer of fabric woven on top of the primary fabric. This fibrous layer can be left alone of manipulated like the abrasions on the peacoat. An interesting background story behind this fabric is that it was actually inspired by a pair of decades old jeans owned by one of ISKO's textile developers who works out of their Creative Room in Venice Italy. His jeans have been destroyed and repaired so often that they are no more than pieces of fabric held together by a immeasurable amount of machine stitches. In some places the fabric was so weak that he reinforced the back with a cotton fabric before stitching. It's an amazing effect and so much more so for being an accidental DIY.

Scroll down to see it and the rest of ISKO's innovations. 


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 ISKO Scratch Jean, new denim
ISKO Jogg Jean, new denim
ISKO Jogg Jean, new denim, athleisure, sport jeans
ISKO Jogg Jean, new denim, athleisure, sport jeans
ISKO Jogg Jean, new denim, athleisure, sport jeans