Candiani denim symphonie

The Candiani Denim Symphonie Loom on Stage 

Can color produce sound? Can we communicate through smell? If a tree falls in the forest etc, etc, blah, blah, blah. Philosophers and scientists have been trying to answer those questions for generations, but it took a denim manufacturer to create sound with jeans…sort of.

Albert Candiani of Candiani Denim Mills is also a music producer and artist. With his metaphysically titled band Army of the Universe, Candiani began an electro-textile-sound project called The Candiani Denim Symphonie which combines the denim manufacturing process with the creation of music. To bring it down to earth a bit, the band composes music around the sound of a shuttle loom weaving denim. Not a pre-recorded sound either, but a real live loom which they bring to their performances. Talk about authenticity!

I'm going to disconnect from you at this moment as words cannot convey what the eyes must see. That was my attempt at being philosophical. Translation: click on the picture above to see the performance.